First Day Of School

Today is the first day of school, so we got up extra early and ate a healthy breakfast of yogurt, cottage cheese and Mandarin oranges...

Brushed our teeth...

Brushed our hair...

Got our school supplies in order...

Loaded them into our backpacks...

And we're ready to go.

Here is a photo with Emma (who's home schooled) and McCann, who doesn't start Kindergarten, until the 31st.

Lily was the first one to go.

We met many friends along the way.

Including the new crossing guard, who is our neighbor, Jen.

We met more friends once we reached the school.

Including friends of mom and dad.

In this photo, with Lily is her friend and old kindergarten classmate Lizzy (hope I spelled that right). They were separated in 1st grade and are now reunited in 2nd. Yay!

Once we got into the classroom, we unloaded class supplies...

Put binders on the shelf (Lily's is on the left)...

Finally, we found Lily's desk and name tag.

Next up, Brandon (and check out his cool Nikes. He even bought them with his own money).

We weren't 100% sure about the bus schedule, so we picked up Brandon's two friends, Elliot and Spencer and...

Rode The Bus Purcell.

First day at middle school.

They hit the hall and headed to classes, and I moved toward the office (until I saw that long line. Guess I will come back later).

Like we said earlier, McCann won't start school, until the 31st, but he is excited to use his Phineas and Ferb backpack.

He just get's some personal time with Mom. Here they are starting the day off by watching Cinderella. Looks like it's going to be a wonderful day.


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