Nightmare On Cherry Lane Street

If you are my friend on Facebook, and you have followed my status updates, then you knowthat I have had some weird dreams lately. I just had another one last night, which is why I am writing this post.

For those of you who are not my Facebook friends (poor you), I had a dream that I was walking through an underground parking garage, when some old man,in his underwear, started chasing me with a used maxi pad. I finally had to punch him, so he would leave me alone.

In my second dream, I broke into someone's house (a stranger), made them spaghetti and chocolate cake, then cleaned their house (which was a total wreck, by the way). When they came home and found me in their house, they didn't appreciate this, so they made me finish cleaning the house, and then kicked me out.

In my dream last night, I ate a block of wood (yes, like a termite) and then immediately had saw dust bowl movements (weird and gross).

If these weird dreams, don't come to a halt soon, I'm affraid I will go crazy, and you will see ME out running in my underwear, chasing people with a dirty maxi pads (God forbid).


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