If I Dressed My Wife (Part I)

I've put up three posts showing what I would buy my wife, if I went fashion shopping for her. Well, I have found so many things I like, that I am making this a whole new section on my blog titled, "If I Dressed MyWife." This post is dedicated only to bags I would buy her.

BillyKirk - No. 95 Shoulder Satchel

Bythreads -shoulder case

Christian Charles -Vintage


Comme des Garcons - clutch wallet


Etwas - Light Pack

Etwas - Tool Bag

Marc Jacobs

Melie Bianco - Kristy Flap Over Satchel

Melie Bianco - Angela Large Lock

Melie Bianco - Mia Fold Over Clutch


Private Henley - The Derby

WANT Les Essentiels De La Vie


Steve Mono - large day bag


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