Hey Fisher-Price and Mattel. My Kids Don’t Like Your Toys


 I think us parents buy our kids too many toys. For example, this is an elaborate doll house we bought for Lily, one Christmas. It comes complete with a miniature laptop, and that’s not all. Get this, the miniature laptop comes with a miniature laptop case. Grandmas, grandpas, uncles and aunts all chipped-in, so Lily could get the whole set that Christmas. Some of them bought Lily the mini-van, other’s bought her the bedrooms set, etc. It was a big production.

Another Christmas, we bought McCann this massive Geotrax train tracks set. Pretty cool toy, but do you think he played with it much? No way. Let me show you what McCann played with today...

This PEZ dispenser.

This toy eagle.

Not the action figure, that came with it, mind you.

Just the eagle.

This old key chain with unusable keys.

This squishy ball thing that we won at a carnival.

This Hoops and Yoyo musical birthday card.

This toy camera, from a Happy Meal.

This plastic bulb thingy. I don't even remember what it goes to. I think an old toy squirt gun we had many moons ago.

This empty chocolate box.

So, before you buy your kids the latest, hottest toy on the market. Just remember...

They'll play with the box, more than they will play with Elmo.


11 thoughts on “Hey Fisher-Price and Mattel. My Kids Don’t Like Your Toys

  1. …Can I have the dollhouse? 🙂 I’d play with it. So would my friends. All of them. (I guess little kid toys are something you have to grow into.)

  2. i’m french and i don’t speak english very well but i know what you mean and i’m ok whith you lila-rose don’t play whith geotrax more 2 month and it’s biggest and expenssive!! i hope you understand me!!

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