10 Years Ago, Today, There Was A Party In An Orchard In Montana

Ten years ago, today, there was a party in an orchard in Montana. Friends and family gathered from all over the world.

There were mason jars, with candles, hanging in the trees...

Kids playing in the fields...

Blissful dancing...

and nectarous food.

The most beautiful girl, in the world, was wearing a white dress.

I was lucky enough to marry this girl. Let me tell you why:

She's intelligent. When we met, she was working on her second masters degree. Before that, she received her first masters degree from the #1 school in her field.

She's fun. There's never a dull moment with this girl!

She's brave. Fauneil shaved her head to support her mother, who had cancer. And she still shaves it today, despite the weird looks she gets in public. She likes it shaved and wears it that way, regardless. (And look at that snake picture above. That ought to tell you something about her bravery. I won't even do that.)

She's real. There's nothing fake about her. She can be herself 100% of the time.

She is beautiful. This is my favorite picture of her. (Although we don't display it, since it was taken with my brother and his "former" girlfriend. We still love Carly, but just don't think it wise to have photos like this lying around the house.)

Happy 10th anniversary, babe. I'm not sure how I lucked out and got to marry you, but I'm happy, all the same.


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