If You’re Going To Have a Laundry Room, It Might As Well Be Like One Of These

In our previous house, our laundry room was bigger than the master bedroom in our current house. I really, really,really,really,really,really,REALLY miss it. This got me thinking about laundry rooms today.

Here is a photo of a typical laundry room...er? OK, you got me. The typical laundry room is nothing like a room, at all. They're more like laundry cubby holes.

Our current laundry room is a laundry hallway that is off of our kitchen. Well, it's more like a mini laundry hallway. Actually, it's more like a mini laundry hallway that is shared with our coat racks and our fridge. It's pathetic, is what it is. Like I said, I miss my last laundry room.

We were going to turn this large storage room, off of our family room, into a laundry room, but my son Brandon moved in with us. So, we have turned the family room into his bedroom, and we are in the process of turning this storage room into his walk-in closet (Lucky kid. His closet will be half the size of my room).

My ideal laundry room would have the looks of this laundry room.

The size of and number of washers/dryers as a laundromat.

The cupboard space of a kitchen.

The hanging space of a walk-in closet (to hang and dry clothes).

Lots of counter space for folding clothes.

And would be close to the bedrooms (not down two flights of stairs and in a dingy basement).

Here are some examples of what a laundry rooms should be like:

Someday, I’ll have a large laundry room again (sigh).


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