McCann’s First Day Of Kindergarten

Today is McCann's first day of kindergarten. Yay! We started off with some of his favorite food for breakfast - cantaloupe and oatmeal.

He's got his new school clothes (because he's only worn pajamas up to this point in his life), and his...

Phineas and Ferb backpack. He's ready to go.

And they're off.

McCann likes to walk on this wall, when we go to the school.

Getting closer.

We dropped off Lily on the way to McCann's class.

Now, off to McCann's classroom.

We got to his classroom a little early, so we waited in the hall...

And found McCann's "hand" on the hallway wall (the green one).

Also waiting in the hall with us (and taking pictures) is our friend Zina. She works with Fauneil and me at the hospital. She has grandkids in Lily's and McCann's classes.

Yeah! The doors are open. We can go in.

The first thing they are supposed to do is hang up any backpacks or coats they may have.

Then they answer the question of the day. Today the question is "Do you like to read?"

McCann's response to the question: "I don't know how to read." The class aid then changed it to "Do you want to learn how to read."

On the rug, there are stickers with each student's name, showing them where to sit.

Here is McCann's

Here is McCann with his name tag.

On our way out, Fauneil and I saw many more parents with cameras (like the lady in this shot). They were everywhere.

Another photo opp.

We also saw our cute neighbor, Emily, also on her way to her first day of kindergarten.

She has some killer shoes, by the way.

Now, Fauneil and I are home, alone with no kids! And on our anniversary, no less. Time to P A R T Y!


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