My Kids Have Taken Over My House

See this basket? It used to hold our winter mittens and gloves. Now, it holds blocks and other kids things.

I moved the hats and gloves to this bigger, better basket, but, as you can tell, it no longer holds hats and gloves. It is now the spot to put Lincoln Logs.

So then, I put our hats on hat racks, and moved our gloves and mittens to this basket. But, as you can see, it no longer serves as a glove basket, but as a bed for Lily's baby dolls.

This insulated grocery bag became McCann's property. He now hauls his toys around the house in it.

In this photo, you can see our library book basket. You can also see that it is not holding library books. Instead, it holds Lily's play things.

I don't remember what this basket used to hold, but it no longer holds my stuff.

This basket used to hold magazines. Now it stores McCann's Geotrax set (that he never uses, by the way.)

I finally started buying baskets specifically for my kid's stuff. Here is one of their toy baskets.

I got this bin to store all of Lily's junk that she plays with at the kitchen table. I clear it all away into this bin, so I can have a clean table.

Maybe, someday I will have my baskets back, but I think I would rather have my kids. So, it is fine with me that they have taken over the house. I'll enjoy it while I can.

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