Purcell’s Have a Costume Party

My kids wanted to have a costume party. So we did.

Lily was a mad scientist (that, apparently, doesn't look like a mad scientist at all. No white lab coat).

McCann was a witch.

I don't remember what Fauneil was, but she was something. But, she wasn't a witch. Another person at our costume party that looked like something they were not.

I was a magician (There is a rabbit in my hat). Really!


For dinner, we had chicken and dumplings, just like they served at pubs in the old days of witches and wizards.

McCann liked it. I liked it. Fauneil loved it.

Lily, on the other hand, didn't like it. She ate cold cereal tonight. She is on this kick, lately, where she says she doesn't like what I cook, before she has even tasted it.

After we ate, the kids and Fauneil tried to to fool me by pretending they were asleep. But it's hard to fool me. I'm a magician. I can read minds.

Finally, Fauneil read them bed time stories. Now they are fast asleep (all of them except for me, who is writing this story).


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