Laughing Out Loud (Part II)

All of these photos were taken by me in my local area. Enjoy!

While at a family fun center in our area, I saw this truck advertising a DJ service. Notice the ad boasts that his DJ service is "MOBILE." As opposed to a "non-mobile" DJ service?

We have an upscale outdoor mall in our area.

It's called The Shops At Riverwoods.

It it's a beautiful mall and houses high-end stores like Williams-Sonoma. There is one problem with The Shops At Riverwoods, though...

They, apparently, want you to use the bathroom right between these two signs. Seems pretty low-class for such a high-class place, don't you think?

Fat Cats is a local bowling alley. I wanted to go there until...

I found out how expensive they are. $3,995 seems a little steep for a family to go bowling. Don't you think?

The hottest spot in Utah is this car wash located not to far from my house.

Told you it was pretty dang hot there.

I'll keep their advice in mind as I go snow sledding down this grassy hill.


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