How A Simple Website Helped Me Cut My Food Budget In 1/2 And Buy This Truck Load Of Food For Cheap

I bought this mountain of food for only $166.39. An this is not even all the food. There is another 20% of it that I couldn't fit on my table. I would have normally spent about $250. How did I do this? I am glad you asked.

My friend Marianne has been telling me about ways to save money on groceries for a long time now. I just recently started thinking seriously about it when...

Coincidentally, my friend Kim, whom I work with at the hospital, introduced me to this

What is Deals To Meals? Let me have them explain it to you: "We compare the prices of all of the major grocery stores to Costco and Walmart and tell you where the best deals are. Don’t spend hours looking through all of the ads to try and figure out what the best deals are. We do all the work for you--without using coupons! Just focus on the RED deals each week and they will save you anywhere from 30-70% on your groceries.

Essentially, they go through the grocery store adds for me, and all I have to do is go down the list and check the items I am interested in and...

Print off the list, and there is my shopping list (with tons of savings). The trick is to ONLY buy when things are on sale, and stock up. (Red = super good deal and blue = sort-of good deal.)

And DealsToMeals is available in all of the above states. You, my loyal blog followers, are in all these states( except New Mexico). So, all y'all, my readers, should think about doing this, if you have a family.

Also, I price match at Walmart, so I don't have to run from store to store. WHAT? YOU ARE A WALMART HATER? You need to click here to read my post, titled "Jesus Would Not Shop At Walmart." Or copy and paste the link below into your browser.


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