The God Of All Sandwiches: The Reuben


Sliced Rye Bread

Butter (I use Brummel and Brown for lower fat content)

Sliced Pastrami

Sliced Swiss Cheese

Thousand Island Dressing (You can use low fat, if you want it to be healthier)



This is my sister-in-law Jessica. I thank her everyday for giving me this recipe. It truly puts me in heavenly state every time I eat it. And, it's super simple to make.


First, butter two slices of rye bred. Just like Brandon is doing here.


On a griddle, place two large slices of pastrami and slices of Swiss cheese on top of that (until pastrami is hot and cheese is melted). Next to it, lay your rye bread, butter side down, and spread thousand island dressing on the other (top) side - like in this photo. Then next to that, pile a bunch of sauerkraut (start heating it up)


Once your sauerkraut is heated up, move it onto one of the slices of bread. Once the cheese is melted on the pastrami, move it onto the other slice of bread.


Now slap both sides together.


Now you have a Reuben sandwhich. Enjoy!




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