First Year I Missed the Wasatch Elementary Fall Festival

I was at work tonight, and I missed Wasatch Elementary's annual Fall Festival. Bummer! First year I've missed since we moved here seven years ago. Fauneil took some photos for me to post.

They opened up the bouncy houses, early, just for special-needs kids. I was very grateful for this, because Lily has a hard time with balance. She was very excited to have some free-time to herself without other kids knocking her over.

This is our neighbor Andrew. Cutest Downs Syndrome kid in the world.

Once the hour for special-needs kids was done, the real fun began. There were loads of people that came.

They had many games the kids could play.

An endless number of games.

The kids earned tickets.

They could use the tickets to buy prizes. My kids were very excited about this.

In addition to the games, they had a petting zoo.

They saw many friends there. This is our friend Kathryn with her kids (whose names escape me).

The cute blonde girl with the High School Musical shirt is our neighbor Adalaide.

In the blue is our friend Melanie.

Looks like my family had a lot of fun. Wish I could have been there.


2 thoughts on “First Year I Missed the Wasatch Elementary Fall Festival

  1. It was a great night! It was so good to see the kids truly enjoying themselves during that early hour of fun on the inflatables. Lily must have asked me five times this week what time the jumping party started 🙂

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