Beware! If You Send Your Kids To My House, I Will Give Them Sugar

Once in a while, we will buy our kids treats. Like this Nestle Strawberry Quik mix, for example. When we buy treats like this, I tend to limit how much they can have each day.


Then today I thought, "Why am I doing that? They ingest the same amount of calories, and the same amount of sugar whether it is in one day or one month. Why not get it over with fast?" So my goal was to get rid of the whole Strawberry Quik bottle by the end of the day.


I then had another brilliant idea. The neighborhood kids were in my front yard. Why not give it to them too? This would make the Strawberry Quik go ten times faster.


One thing is for sure, the kids were sure happy about my decision.


So, I appologize, in advance, to all the parents here on Cherry Lane for the thousands of grams of sugar your kids will cosume - all because I am "unloading" the sweets from my house.


Even though all the parents on my block hate my guts right now, my trick worked. The Strawberry Quick is all gone.


One thought on “Beware! If You Send Your Kids To My House, I Will Give Them Sugar

  1. Luhi

    Do you have a following yet outside of your network of friends? Because your posts are sooooooo much more entertaining than all of the mommy bloggers out there.

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