The Lost Art Of the Sunday Stroll


Quite often, if the weather is nice, we will go for a Sunday stroll. It’s a good to get the kids out of the house and take Emma for a walk.

On our walks, we get to see pretty flowers...


Run through sprinklers...


Catch locust and other multi-legged creatures...


Smell the roses...


And visit with friends along the way.


Today we got to visit with Dr. Staheli and his wife. He let the kids ride on his new glide rocker.


McCann played with their chimes...


And also in "The Cave" under their pine tree. (His grand daughters call it their Jewel Club. We got to be privilaged guests of the Jewel Club today.)


On our way home, we always pass this house that has amazing fruit trees. Each time, I am able to, barley, avoid the tempation of stealing some.


Also on our way home, we always pass this house. And I always think to myself, "Why the heck do they have a broken-down bus in their yard?" Such nonsense.


When we were close to the end of our walk, Lily blew this dandi lion that had gone to seed and made a wish. She wished that she would find candy on her pillow when she got home.


Amazingly enough, when she got home, she found candy on her pillow. She debated if it was a fairy that left it there. Guess these Sunday strolls pay off.


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