Ahhhhhh! I’m Sick Of My Messy House!


This is what I want my house to look like 24/7. Crisp and clean, with no cafffine. But…

More often than not, my house looks like this. And dishes are the worst. Just as I get the kitchen clean, it is time to start cooking for the next meal. Then it gets messy all over again. Its a vicious cycle.


My kids have their crap all over the dining room table ALL of the time. This is the spot in the house where we congregate, but gee whiz. I need ot make a rule that eliminates this kind of mess - before I start shooting people.


And laundry. Geeesh! There is another perpetual hell. Before I can even finish folding a load, I have two more clean ones ready to pile on top. And where do all these clothes come from anyway. Does everyone in my house hold wear 3 sets daily? I feel like there is a washer's load worth created about every ten minutes.


Now you would think that, because I am an adult, I would have out-grown the teenage messy room syndrome. BUT, I haven't. Now, I will admit that my room is clean way more often than my children, and stays clean longer, BUT take a look at this recent snap shot. I have multipel shoes lying around on the floor, My bed isn't made and there is a laundry basket loaded with God knows what. It''s been sitting there for at least a week now.


You would also think that the mess would stop at my front door, but it doesn't. Here is a photo of my van. I have to admit, we did just go on a big picnic to the mountains. And a large part of this mess is due to that fact, but PLEASE! Do you think I could clean up afterward? I guess not. So...


The next time you see this face, look past the smile and think to yourself, "What a slob!"


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