The Kids Had The Day Off From School…Time To Party!

The kids had the day off from school, and Lily insisted that we do some fun things. Since she was so adamant about this, I decided to start the day off with made-from-scratch pancakes topped with buttermilk syrup. Yum!

You may be wondering who the extra girl is in the photos. We had Claire over this morning. We LOVE having her over. She is so much fun. And her and McCann have a blast together. Here she is running circles around our house with McCann.

Mom told us we HAD to do our chores, so after breakfast, I decided to get it out of the way. I told Claire that she did not have to do chores with us, but she quickly said, "McCann's room is a mess. I will help him clean it up." Maybe she can teach him a thing or two.

For some unknown reason, Lily wanted to wear this hat around the house as she did her chores. (You can't see it, but there are two more hats under that red one.)

I planned a picnic lunch in the mountains and then a walk down the Provo River Trail. Here is our lunch all packed up and ready to go.

For our picnic lunch we had homemade chili, made-from-scratch mac and cheese, and cauliflower hash browns.

The kids enjoyed it, but they enjoyed their Yoplait Lemon Yogurt even more.

Once we ate, we headed for the trail.

You would think that this would be fun, but the kids complained about being hot and tired almost the whole time.

There were a few highlights though. McCann really liked the old, old crashed cars on the river bank.

Lily liked the drinking fountain.

Brandon was easy to please. He just was happy to roller blade.

We mad a stop at Sundance.

Man I love this place. So beautiful.

This final photo was taken by McCann.


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