Welcome To the Beautiful World of GiltTaste.com

Sometimes the ads on Facebook are a good thing. Like when they took me to GuiltTaste.com, for example. This was a great thing.

GuiltTaste.com is a high-end, online food market. And oh what delectable foods they have there.

BABYCAKES NYC Gluten-Free and Vegan Brownies $15.95 (Whoever thought gluten-free and vegan could look so good.)

ÉCLAT CHOCOLATE Aleppo Pepper and Pink Peppercorn Obsession Bar $22.95

JOHN & KIRA Barnraiser Tower $62.99

JOHN & KIRA Ladybug medley $28.95 (Those look way cool.)

SARABETH'S KITCHEN No-Nut Brownies $35.95 (I've never been to the famous Sarabeth's Kitchen, but next time I go to NYC I need to stop there and get some of these.)

PAYARD Grand Cru Truffles $28.95

MIKUNI WILD HARVEST Basil Fed Snails $54.95 (I know what you're thinking, "Ewww! Snails." Don't knock 'em until you try them. They taste better than you may think.)

GULLO SPECIALTY FOODS Baby Spanish Octopus $41.95

CALIFORNIA CAVIAR COMPANY American Paddlefish Celebration Package $222 (I'm not normally a caviar man, but this looks divine.)

HAMA HAMA Whole Dungeness Crabs $79.95

HANCOCK GOURMET Lobster Pot Pies $84.95

HANCOCK GOURMET Lobster Mac and Cheese $62.95

HANCOCK GOURMET Lobster Risotto on the Half Shell $29.95

HANCOCK GOURMET Lobster Rolls $89.95

HANCOCK GOURMET Maine Shore Dinner $104.95

HANCOCK GOURMET Orr's Island Oyster Stew $34.95 (We have a killer seafood chowder recipe at our house, but I wouldn't mind trying this anyway.)

ARTISANAL PREMIUM CHEESE Artisanal 2-year Cheddar $6.95

MURRY'S CHEESE Petite Billy $23.95


MOSEFUND FARM Hickory Smoked Mangalitsa Bacon $31.95

BABY CAKES NYC Gluten-Free and Vegan $30.95 (Like I said earlier in this post, I can't believe gluten-free and vegan could look so good.)


BUBBY'S Pecan Maple Pie $49.95

CAKE MONKEYS Pop Pie Set $59.95

CAKE MONEY Yo-Hos and Cakewiches $99.95 (All I can say is, "Wow!")

CRANBERRY ISLAND KITCHEN Vanilla Whoopie Pies $39.95

LA SAISON CALIFORNIA Olive Oil Cake with Orange and Vanilla Bean $17.95 (I hear olive oil cake is the moistest cake)

LADY M. MILLIE Crepes Cake $74.95

MORNING GLORY CONFECTIONS Chocolate, Herbes de Provence and Almond Brittle $19

HERITAGE SHORTBREAD Heritage Shortbread Large Box $29.95

CATSKILL PROVISIONS Catskill Honey Lover Set $37.95

DIVINE BRINE Horseradish Dills $8.95

FOOD CONNECT, INC. Kara Coconut Cream $8.95

FRANKIE SPUNTINO Frankies Trio $62.95

BOBBY SUE'S NUTS Bobby Sue's Some Like it Hot Nuts $21.95

LE SANCTUAIRE Exotic Spice Set $33.95

LE SANCTUAIRE Long Peppercorns $5.95

LE SANCTUAIRE Pink Pepper corns $7.95

MIKUNI WILD HARVEST Tonic No. 03 - Maple Matured Sherry Bourbon Oak Vinegar $22.95


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