McCann And I Roast Marshmallows In Our Fireplace

McCann wanted to roast marshmallows today.


So off we went, to the store, to buy marshmallows.


On the way, McCann found some green rocks. "These are pretty tool (cool)!" he said.


We took Emma with us, of course. I forgot to mention that.


We finally got to the store and bought our marshmallows.


Of course McCann had to carry them all the way home. He didn't even want to carry them in a grocery bag. He wanted them right in his hot little hands.


When we made it to our house, we got a fire going.


Then we roasted a few marshmallows. Well...OK, we burnt a few. McCann likes them burnt, NOT roasted golden brown.


The side benefits of roasting marshmallows at home: I got to make this post while sitting next to the fire. Heaven.


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