Can You Really Save Money At Outlet Stores? In Search Of the Good Deal And Some Retail Therapy At the Movie-Star Hang Out, Park City

Lily, McCann and I spent the day at Park City yesterday. It was a blast.

Before we left town, we printed out our coupons and...

stopped by the hospital to say goodbye to mom. It's her turn to work today.

Everytime I take the kids to the hospital, they score cookies. The nurses and secretaries can't resist their cuteness.

Of course McCann started pushing all the buttons in the elevator. At first I got mad and was yelling at him, then I thought, "What am I doing?" It wasn't like we were in a rush or anything. So, I let him push all the buttons, and we stopped at every floor in the hospital.

Once we got to Park City, we ate breakfast at The Eating Establishment. This is where we always eat when we go to Park City.

Lily and McCann freaked out because they had a menu "just" for kids. Not sure why. This isn't the first place they've been to with kids menus.

McCann thought their glasses were fancy. You know those cheap plastic tumblers you see in most resturants? (The kid seriously needs to get out more.)

First, we ordered our drinks. Lily got grapefruit juice and McCann got hot chocolate.

I talked McCann into sharing his with me.

The kids both ordered pancakes and sausage. McCann, of course, insisted on pouring his own syrup and got it all over the table. (Dang kid!)

I ordered a killer omeltte.

After we were done eating, McCann hung out by the fireplace to get warm.

After a leisurly breakfast, we took off for the Outlet Stores.

Our first stop: the Crocs Outlet Store. We bought Crocs for Me and Fauneil to wear at the hospital (Crocs are a godsend for hospital workers) and we bought Lily...

these cute Crocs shoes. She was in desperate need of shoes she can wear now that the weather is getting cold and wet. We got a steal on all of these Crocs. Only $15 each, retail price on each was $40ish.

Next stop: The Gap Outlet Store. We didn't end up getting much there. The store was a mad house. It was worth all the chaos, though, because I got Fauneil a very cute jacket. She loves it (me too). It retails at $49.95 and we got it for only $11. Sweet!

The kids were getting worn out after only two stores. Sheesh! We'll never make it at this rate. We stopped by Mrs. Fields Cookies, so they could rest a bit.

McCann got a pumpkin cookie, and Lily got an M&M cookie (man, my kids are eating WAY too many carbs today).

After the kids' cookie break, we stopped by The Children's Place. We came out of there empty handed, because they didn't have the kind of deals I was looking for.

McCann had to use the bathroom, so, reluctantly, I took him (I HATE public restrooms. Gross!) Anyway, their bathrooms are in the weirdest spot - at the back of an alley next to their dumpsters. Just Weird.

We HAD to stop by Harry and David to buy a treat for our Aunty Lei. She LOVES Harry and David. If she knew we were near there and didn't get her something, she would kill us. We bought her cookies.

Our next stop was for my benefit - Banana Republic. I wanted to buy some long sleeve t-shirts, but everything they had cost more than I wanted to pay or was not what I was looking for.

At this point, the kids were really not interested in shopping anymore. They took a rest on these display tables. Lily even started to sprawl out on top of the clothes and take a nap, until I stopped her.

We made a quick stop at Coach. Not to buy anything, but just to look at all the beauty that resides in that store. I love this store. Wish my wife were more into purses and bags. We didn't stay long. Lily had a melt down and we made a quick exit to...

Gymboree. Talk about a zoo. I think every psycho mother in the state was there. And they all looked at me funny, because I was actually shopping instead of standing next to the front door talking sports with all the other Dads. Give me a break chicas. I can shop if I want.

The best thing about Gymboree is that they entertain my kids, so I can shop "whine" free. Gymboree was our jackpot today. Lily is in dire need of winter clothes and we were able to get her several things here. She got some long sleeve tees for just $4 (normally $10.99), and we got her a dress that was only $15 (normally $22.99). We also got McCann some PJs for just $8 (normally $16.99).

Our last stop was Gap Kids. This was our 2nd jackpot of the day. We got a bunch more long sleeve t-shirts for Lily at only $5 a pop (regular price $12.99). I also bought her a dress that wasn't the best deal, but I HAD to get it for her (they got me). I still saved 20%. I mean, 20% is 20%, right? (Money in my pocket.)

While at Gap Kids, Lily kept hiding behind clothes...

and McCann was peeking in dressing rooms. It was seriously time to get out of there and get home. But, I think we had a successful shopping trip and saved a lot of money. So I think the answer to my earlier question is "yes," you can save money at outlet stores.

When we got home, the house was a mess. We only had an hour before mom got back from work. We had to move fast. We didn't want Mom to come home to a messy house. Here is our living room before. Now look at the after...


The bathroom before. And the after...

Kitchen before. And after...

We also got kids bathed.

Then we made blue berry pancakes for dinner. Yum! (click here for the recipe, or copy and paste the link below). CONCLUSION: I think we all had a fun day.


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