I Meet My Friends By Placing Classified Ads

I know through personal experience that we can meet some of our best friends though very odd circumstances. For example, I have a friend that met his wife after dialing a wrong number. I have met friends through similar situations. Let me tell you about two of them.

This is my good friend Kevin with his beautiful wife Denise.

Believe it or not, I met him through a classifed ad. No, not a personals ad, dummy. A real estate ad. Geesh!

I used to buy and sell houses like this one in Alpine, UT. He answered one of my ads and wanted to learn how to do the same. He took me to lunch, and the rest is history. Eight years later we are still good friends. It amazes me how some people come into our lives. But the story doesn't end there.

I learned that he is neighbors with, my business partner, Dean, and that...

his parents live a few blocks from my house and go to the same church as me. How is that for freaky?

I have met several friends though odd circumstances, but I will only talk about one more. I met my most recent friend at the hospital where I work.

This is my good friend Malea. She was my patient in the hospital. I normally don't befriend my patients, but after we got talking...

we realized we both knew April (in this photo). I knew April, over 20 years ago, when I lived in the Pacific island country of Samoa. Malea's husband works with her and they are friends. They live in a town WAY far away (Malea flew in for her surgery, because her doc. is the best in his field), yet we had that common connecction. But, as always, the story doesn't end there.

When Malea read my blog, she found that I am neighbors with Mindy Glehill, the up-and-coming vocal artist, whose music inspired Malea to make it through some tough medical issues. (See http://www.MindyGledhill.com to learn more about Mindy.)

When I learned how Mindy's music had helped Malea get through a very tough time in her life, I spoke to Mindy about buying a CD and getting her to autograph it for Malea. Of course, Mindy, being the sweetie that she is just gave the CD to Malea. Thanks Mindy. (In this photo is Malea with her husband, Matt, and their son, at my house on Cherry Lane, picking up their CD.) BUT...

The story doesn't end there. When Malea came to pick up her CD, we got on the topic of my precious daugher Lily and how she has Prader WilliSynddrome.

Well guess what? Malea's sister Joci (who is now 30 yrs old) has Pradar Willi Syndrome too. How amazing it is that we get to meet so many wonderful people that have so much in common with us. Even if our first encounters with them come in the most unusual way.


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