I Know What Heaven Feels Like…There Are No Kids There (Fauneil And I, Finally, Get Some Alone Time)

This is me with my wife Fauneil. We hardly ever get time alone...without kids. Our schedules are crazy. Every week we both work three 12-hour shifts at the hospital. That leaves us only one day a week to spend together. Many of those days are with kids, which leaves even fewer days together alone. Today we'll get three hours together - kid free. Three precious hours.

So, we fed the kids breakfast...

Got them dressed...

and got them off to school.

While Fauneil took the kids to school, I washed the dishes and...

made breakfast.

When she got back we ate a yummy breakfast of buttermilk biscuits and fried eggs.

Then we took a nap. Naps NEVER happen when kids are around...Never. See what I mean by heaven?



At 11:30 I picked up McCann from school and "life" returned to the normal hustle and bustle. McCann was terroizing the dog and running around the house, errands were waiting to be run, the house needed to be cleaned, and we have a doctor's appointment to go to. The peace and calm were nice while they lasted.


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