We Play Football On Our Elementary School Roof, And I Learn George Lucas Is Filled With Lies

In April, Lily said she wanted to be Darth Vader for Halloween. It is now October, and her plans have not changed.

Denise, whom I work with at the hospital, said that she has a Darth Vader Costume that Lily could borrow. So we went to the hospital to pick it up from her.

Lily was so excited to see the Darth Vader costume.

She immediately put it on.

Of course, McCann had to try on the helmet too.

Thanks Denise for letting us use the costume. Now let's go have some fun.

SIDE NOTE: Denise is a great seamstress. Here is a sketch of a costume she is sewing for her daughter's this year.

It is based on a James Christianson character.

Okay. Back to Darth Vader. Mom wore the mask on the way home.

And, once we got home, we had a Star Wars party. We watched the movie and...

And ate popcorn.

Actually, the kids watched Star Wars and ate popcorn. Fauneil and I took a nap. Yes!

Then Lily wanted to go to the park. She wanted to...

pretend that this playground is the Death Star.

She took me prisoner.

Then she threw me down a tunnel. Here I am, at the bottom, looking up at her.

Later on, Brandon and I were throwing around a football. (Can you see it in this photo?)

Brandon kicked the football onto the roof.

We told Lily to get it down with the force. Well, that didn't work.

So, we went home and got our ladder.

I wonder how many of our neighbors can say they have been on the elementary school roof? (I bet Ryan Gledhill and Robert Smith could. Those two were always getting into trouble as kids.)

While we were up there, we played a little football.

Then, Brandon kicked the football off the roof.

When we got home, we realized that we locked ourselves out of the house. We told Lily to use the force to open it, but nothing happened. We had to break in the traditional way. (I really think there is no such thing as the force. It is something George Lucas made up to rake in tons of money. Lame!)

When McCann put on the Darth Vader costume, he looked like a midget Darth Vader.

The costume was so big on him that we had to secure the legs with rubber bands.

Mom wore the control belt around the rest of the day. She was using it to control the rest of us.


3 thoughts on “We Play Football On Our Elementary School Roof, And I Learn George Lucas Is Filled With Lies

  1. Hi guys! I’m so glad Darth Vader has finally learned to use his powers for good and bring a little fun to your family! BTW I had to point out that my daughter, Brooklyn, actually designed and drew the sketch for her costume. She amazes me everyday with the things she can do! I love the picture of me and Lily (this is a miracle in itself since I can’t rememer the last time I liked any picture with me in it). Have fun and may the force be with you! Denise

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