McCann’s Pumpkin Homework

Every year, near Halloween, the kindergartners, at Wasatch Elementary, have "pumpkin homework." Here is McCann doing his.

STEP ONE: Cut open your pumpkin. (Since a knife was involved, I decided to do this myself.)

STEP TWO: Grab a pinch of seeds. (McCann didn't like the slimy feel of the pumpkin guts, so he barley grabbed anything.)

STEP THREE: Count how many seeds you have. (McCann had a measly two seeds, because he didn't want to get his hand slimy. I don't think this is what his teacher had in mind.)

STEP FOUR: Grab another pinch and count how many you have. (McCann did even worse than the first time and only pinched one seed.)

STEP FIVE: Which group had more? (McCann circled the first group.)

STEP SIX: Scoop out the rest of your seeds into a plastic bag and bring them to class, so we can plant them next spring.(McCann made me do this because he didn't want to touch the seeds. He just sealed the Ziplock bag. Geesh!)

McCann wanted to carve his pumpkin, but I made him do the rest of his homework first. We started by making A/B patterns with candy (for math homework.) He got to eat the candy when he was done.

Then we played Simon Says (to practice left versus right).

Then McCann recited to me what things he needed to do to be safe on a school bus. He did a good job. Then we practiced his phone number and address (for safety).

Then we counted all the windows and doors in the house (math homework, of course).

I read him a story (for English). We read "Hotrod Hamster."

Finally, we read labels and McCann pointed out what letters he knew (English again).

I gave McCann a marker and had him draw the face he wanted me to cut out on his Jack-O-Lantern.

I was worried that he would draw something that I couldn't cut out, but this isn't too bad (I screwed it up anyway, but he was happy with it).

Here is the finished product.


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