Fauneil’s Oreo Challenge

If you read my blog, you know that McCann and I ate a whole box of doughnuts the other day. When my wife read about it on Facebook, she replied with this comment...

This is where I came up with the idea of The Oreo Challenge.

Lily and I went to the store and bought a package of Oreos and...

wrote mom a note, challenging her to eat the whole package within 24 hours (all by herself). We all signed the note.

Mom was very surprised.

(Fast forward to 11:00 P.M.) I noticed the package of Oreos sitting on the kitchen table unopened. Mom's not doing to well with this challenge.

(Fast forward to 10:45 A.M., the next day) I opened the cupboard to get out some marshmallows and, lo and behold, there were the Oreos. Mom didn't even take them to work with her. In fact, she hadn't even opened the package. And there was no way she was going to meet the challenge, because she wouldn't even get home from the hospital until the challenge was over. FAIL!

So, this is me, the Oreo Police, confiscating the cookie confections.

I took the kids to the store, so we could buy some vanilla ice cream to eat with the Oreos.

SIDE NOTE: Our bagger drew a picture of a dinosaur. Cool!

When we got home, we dined on Oreos and ice cream. Yum! Thanks Mom for the special treat. We're glad you didn't take the challenge.


One thought on “Fauneil’s Oreo Challenge

  1. Hey! IN MY DEFENSE, I didn’t realize it had to be THE NEXT 24 hours. I was waiting to eat them on my day off. Dude. I missed out on that one. Give me another chance-on a day off.

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