Luhi Contemplates the Meaning Of Life And Roasts Marshmallows

I've often heard of people taking a year off from the hustle of daily living to think about the meaning of life. They go into the mountains to ponder or sit on the beach and do yoga...for a year.

As much as I would like to do this, there is one BIG thing in the way...reality. Although, I decided that I could create enough time to spend an hour doing this.

BUT, I had to get life out of the way first, so I stayed up late last night cleaning the whole house. I washed the dishes, picked up in the living room, cleaned the bathroom and washed and folded four loads of laundry.

Early this morning, I even straightened my room. This is BIG, folks. You don't even know how HUGE this is. It's MASSIVE.

Then, to get my mind and body ready, I took Emma for a run. We ran up the the side of the mountain and looked at the city lights below us. This gives me perspective. Everything always looks peaceful when I take a step back. Plus, it was wonderful to feel the chilled autumn air scorching my lungs. I hurt my back four months ago, and this is my first run since then.

After my run, I got Brandon off to school and fed the kids and myself a healthy breakfast of cottage cheese and yogurt.

Then they were off to school. (Today is pajama day in McCann's class.)

I drove the kids the 1.5 blocks to school, so that I could have as much time as possible to prepare for my meditation time. I didn't leave until the last minute. (I drive my kids the short 1 1/2 blocks WAY more often than I will admit.)

Shortly after I got home, I lit a fire, turned on some quiet music and started writing. I really only had one goal with today's session - to NOT get the answer in the cartoon below...

Actually, I guess this could be the purpose of life - keep it simple. I'm open. Okay. For real now. All I wanted to accomplish was to write down the questions I would contemplate in future sessions. Questions like...

What are my strengths and weaknesses?

Am I being true to mine own self? (You know, the Shakespeare life view.)

What REALLY makes me happy?

What will I do with the second half of my life?

How can I best impact others for the positive, in my final 50 or more years?

What mistakes have I made thus far, and what am I going to do to fix/change them?

What do I know for sure – based on my life experience? (I wrote about this once. You can see that by clicking here, or by copying and pastng  this link:

What do I want my kids to know/be when they are adults?

-What skills do I want them to have?

-What mistakes have I made in life that I want them to avoid?

It was a short 60 minutes, but I am glad I did it. I picked up McCann from school and life as we know it resumed. The phone started ringing, people started knocking, and when McCann saw the fire we, of course, had to roast (burn, rather) marshmallows.


One thought on “Luhi Contemplates the Meaning Of Life And Roasts Marshmallows

  1. The house looks awesome. Except our room. Every time I see a picture of our room I notice how terribly boring it is. We need a headboard. And art.

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