Teaching Our Kids To Be Thrifty

I want to teach my kids the importance of thrift. There was a time in my life when I ignored this quality. Maybe because my mom is super-thrifty. I’m not sure. Maybe I  blocked it out mentally. Either way, I made the mistake of not being thrifty in the first half of my life, and I am making sure my kids learn what I ignored.

I took Brandon shopping for school clothes the other day. He wanted to buy a pair of jeans from the Levis Outlet Store. $30.

I convinced him to go to Old Navy. I had a 25% off coupon and they have better prices. He found jeans he liked just as much, and we were able to get him three pair for the same $30. He was VERY excited and is starting to see the value of being thrifty.

I needed a watch for work, so he also saw me buy this Diesel watch for only $19, regularly $90. He couldn't believe it, and he wants to come back to the Fossil Outlet Store next time we shop at the Park City - to get a watch for himself. I think he is starting to see the benefit of shopping smart. Thrifty Lesson Part I: complete.

4 thoughts on “Teaching Our Kids To Be Thrifty

  1. Glad Mom exemplified the quality of being thrifty. The other day we went to Buy Low and bought plain-but-nice sweatshirts for the cold weather – $4. Normal price at WalMart = probably $15.

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