“Daddy! Can I get this?” (Welcome To Shopping Hell.)

I took my kids shopping the other day. This is always a big mistake, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. About half way through our trip, I decided to take a picture every time they asked for something, so keep in mind that this is only about 50%of the items they asked for.  Also, when we hit the Halloween section, the “asking” flood gates opened and all hell broke loose.

McCann wanted whipped cream, of course.

Lily wanted this eggnog. It was the only item they asked for that I actually bought. Lucky for Lily that I wanted it too.

McCann wanted an Angry Bird. Who doesn't want one of those? Gives you something real to fling around.

You can never have enough hand sanitizer. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Or is that sterilization is next to godliness? I can't remember.

McCann, you don't even play with the stuffed animals you have now. Why would I buy you that? Maybe, if they sold the box it came in for 50 cents, I would buy it for you. You would play with the box.

And the Halloween madness begins -starting with pumpkin candies.

More candy.

Just what every family needs - a zombie.

And even more candy. Gotta have more candy.

A blow up spooky tree. Sorry McCann. I have sworn to never have blow up holiday decorations at our house...ever.

A pint of blood. Now, this was tempting, but we already got eggnog. I'm gonna have to say, "No."

A dancing ghost with pumpkin head. Sorry Lily -not seeing the value there.

I don't even remember what this was. Probably another blow up decoration. We didn't get it.

Cute doll, McCann, but it needs to stay in the store. It would miss it's home.

Oh yes! Blow up ghosts. Please refer to picture #8 about my policy on blow up decorations.

I almost bought them some Halloween books. Books are always a good thing. In fact, I am tempted to go back and buy them some. I just might. Or I could wait until Nov. 1st and get them for a steal - use them for next year. Hmm? Decisions, decisions.

Well, we got home and things got back to normal. Nobody died, because I didn't buy them everything they wanted. Life moves on, even after a bad night of shopping.


4 thoughts on ““Daddy! Can I get this?” (Welcome To Shopping Hell.)

  1. What is it about Angry Bird toys and little boys? We went to Chinatown in NYC and told the boys they could each get one small thing. We came home–from CHINATOWN, mind you–with Asian jewelry for me and Lauren and, you guessed it, angry birds for the boys. (Of course, this WAS after we turned them down on the Ninja sword…)

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