I Take the Kids To Halloween City

McCann wanted to buy spiders to add to our Halloween decorations, so I took him and Lily to Halloween City.

It is truly a Halloween super store with aisles and aisles of costumes, props...

and a whole wall of masks.

They have every Halloween decoration you could want.

From your basic spider webbing.

To your lights.

To your fog machines.

to more advanced stuff like this life-sized banshee that will make you pee your pants.

Fauneil was telling me that glow in the dark spider webbing is all the rage this year. Apparently, all the cool people have it. Of course, they stock it here.

McCann wanted to buy this HUGE spider. I politely told him, "No way. Pick something smaller." (And cheaper.)

He also wanted to buy these blow-up decorations. I had to remind him of my policy on those -- "No, nada, none, never." (Poor kid.)

I want to know what's up with these gory decorations?

Decapitated heads? Really?

And bloody bodies with severed limbs? This is just sick and wrong. Gross!

It came time to buy McCann's spiders, but the line was insanely long. I said, "There is no way I am standing in this line." We went to our local grocery store and bought him spiders there. At least the kids had fun at Halloween City, though.


2 thoughts on “I Take the Kids To Halloween City

  1. Jeff’s decorations always include a “crime scene” which features a vampire victim with severed head. It makes the young children cry. Our neighbors with youngsters send them over before it gets dark. Those boys will tell their children how scary Halloween was, back in the day!

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