Murphy Tries To Sabotage Our Date Night

My wife has really wanted to see the movie Mighty Macs (she's in love with David Boreanaz) for quite some time. I planned to take her on a date night, to see it, but it left the movie theaters yesterday. Dang!

Luckily, she also wanted to see Cowboys and Aliens, which just happened to still be in the theaters. Excellent! The plan was...

for me to pick up my niece Kat, who was going to babysit, then pick Fauneil at the hospital and head straight for the movie. BUT...

I got stuck in traffic, earlier in the day. A one hour trip turned into three. Ahhhh! Three hours in a car with kids is not the best thing. They were pretty good though.

I was a half an hour late picking up Fauneil, and we missed our movie. We decided to by a Hot-N-Ready pizza and eat it in the car. Boy are we cool. Leave it up to the Purcells to show you how to have a good time.

We at the whole dang pizza by ourselves. Wow!

Then, we just walked around the mall. (I know. Lame. But, what else do you want us do do last minute?)

Here I am, at the Gap, on a step ladder that has "Employees Only" engraved on it. Boy, am I a rebel.

There were a lot of people in costume tonight.

I took pictures with all of them.

We didn't get far into our mall excursion before Fauneil was too tired to walk around anymore. She had just finished a 12-hour shift at the hospital and was exhausted. We took a seat next to the fireplace, relaxed, and...

critiqued everyone's clothes and style as they walked by. "What aweful shoes." "Can you believe that chick would wear that shirt?" " Dang! Love the scarf that girl is wearing!" "That guy seriously needs a haircut." I know. Judgmental and catty. What can I say? The date didn't really turn out, but we did have fun together. That is what counts.


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