Cherry Lane Scare 2011

This year for Halloween, Lily was Darth Vader and McCann was Woody on Bullseye.

Fauneil went to the kid's Halloween parade at the school (I was at work).

Then it was time to get ready for the Cherry Lane Scare. It is a party we have every year for our neighbors on Cherry Lane.

We always serve homemade root beer.

We have lots of neighbors come over.

Here is a root beer sampler.

Now THAT is a cute cow.

Olive, the bumble bee dog.


A doctor + a witch = a witch doctor? Okay, maybe not.

Better looking that Waldo.

Now those are three sexy looking witches. Love those tights (especially the one on the left).

After the party, I took McCann out for more trick-or-treating.

This house had a scary door.

This was McCann's favorite house for decorations.

Here he is checking out his stash at the end of the night.

Lily had Halloween homework. She had to make a graph showing how many she had of each type of candy.

My neighbor gave out healthy treats. McCann pulled it out of his bucket and said, "Here Dad. You eat this one." Sorry Pat.

Lily took her candy to bed with her. You can see it on the shelf next to her bed. It was a fun day. Now it is time to go to sleep.


One thought on “Cherry Lane Scare 2011

  1. Great post, Babe. I love that photo of McCann ringing the doorbell. And I love the pic. of me and Michelle and Janene. You should mention that McCann calls his candy his “loot.” But he doesn’t understand the plurality of “loot,” so he says, “Look at all the loots I got!” Cute kid. Love you.

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