How I Almost Ruined My Wife’s Birthday

This is my beautiful wife. Today is her birthday (October 30th). I wanted to make the day perfect for her, but when I hit the snooze button, it started a bad chain of events.

I wanted to get up early and clean the kitchen before my wife woke up. She hates waking up to a mess.

Didn't happen, because I woke up late.

I wanted to have nice breakfast of pumpkin biscuits and dippy eggs. Didn't happen, because I slept in. The biscuits were done just as we were walking out the door to church. My wife had to go to church starving.

Because of the rush, rush of the morning, I got impatient with the kids, yelled and made them cry. Happy birthday to you, my dear wife. The morning did NOT go well.

I had to make it up to her later. I had the kids make her birthday cards.

I took the kids on a Halloween decoration hunt, so Fauneil could take a long nap.

Then I got the house cleaned for our double birthday dinner for my wife and my brother (McCann kept on making messes, like this one. I wanted to kill him, but I restrained, so that Fauneil could have a good birthday.)

The family all got there and the party started.

We had food galore.

A cozy fire in the fireplace and good company.

The birthday boy and girl had loads of gifts to open.

And the desserts I made turned out fabulous.

The day turned out okay despite my rough start.

Now it's time to get ready for Halloween. (This is Fauneil dressed as Darth Ranger.)


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