Costco: More Fun Than Disneyland

We went to Costco today. There are so many fun things to do there.

Of course the samples are the kids favorite part of the trip. It's fun to watch them run from one sample table to the next. They usually make good friends with the sample ladies.

The sample ladies got me today. I sampled and bought some of this Fage brand Greek yogurt. It tastes just like sour cream. If I can replace my sour cream with it and eliminate all the fat, it will be worth it.

McCann loves to drag behind the shopping cart. It's one of his forms of entertainment (and one of my biggest annoyances).

The kids found the toy isle. Of course they wanted everything they saw. I told them they had to ask Santa. At that point, they made me take pictures of everything, so we can send Santa an email. (I feel a new blog post coming on.)

McCann found this Mickey that is as big as he is. He thought that was VERY neat.

He also wants these Angry Birds.

I found the toy that I want. An extra large remote controlled Ferrari Enzo. Cool!

The kids loved looking at the Christmas decorations. I love Christmas decorations too. Reminds me of fireplaces, falling snow beautifully wrapped presents, and colorful lights.

This lady was in line in front of us. She took over five minutes to pay (not an exaggeration, I started timing her). This does not include scanning the items or anything else. Just to pay - for money to exchange hands. She pulled out three Costco gift cards that all had no balance left on them. Then she fumbled around in her purse for cash...she didn't have enough. Then, she fumbled around her purse again until she found her check book. Then it took her an eternity to write the check. I just bit my tongue and was as patient as possible. She was nice enough, just a little on the crazy side.

The returns line went out the door and half way to the sidewalk. Glad I didn't have to bring anything back today.

Of course, we had to stop and buy Costco gas on the way out. Cheapest gas in town. We had fun. Can't wait to come back again.


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