11/11/11 (Or 11-11-11. Maybe even 11 11 11. How Ever You Want To Type It Out)

Today is 11/11/11. There are a lot of people doing fun things today.

Many are getting married. That's always a fun thing. (Well, most of the time.)

My friends, the Meisinger's are going to the grand opening of The Cheese Cake Factory and then shopping at the grand opening of Crate & Barrel. Now THAT sounds like a blast.

What will we be doing? Just the normal stuff we do around here every day. Breakfast time.

Going to school time.

Clean the house time.

Lunch time.

Arts and crafts time.

Homework time.

Shopping time.

Dinner time.


And finally, Bedtime. So as you are all having a blast, on this special 11-11-11 day, please remember us Purcells who are having a perfectly normal and boring day.


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