Opps. I Woke Up Only 15 Minutes Before Church Started. (The Mad Dash To Get To Church, On Time)

Today is Sunday. Church started at 9:00 AM today. I woke up at 8:45 AM, when my son, Brandon, asked me to help him iron his shirt, because he was late. (I then realized that I was late too. I cursed under my breath and hopped out of bed - yes, I cursed right before church. I never said I was perfect.)

I ironed Brandon's shirt, then started a mad-dash of events to get to church on time. First, I ironed ONLY the collar of my shirt and wore a sweater over top.

I fed the kids a very fast (and somewhat unhealthy) breakfast of graham crackers and milk. Normally I argue with my kids for ten minutes, because they want too much milk in their bowl (which goes to waste). But, not today. I filled it to the rim.

If McCann's red plaid shirt is dirty (like it was today) I normally argue with him for ten minutes, trying to convince him to wear something else. Not today. I grabbed it right out of the dirty clothes basket and put it on him.

No time to put pajamas away. Leave them right there on the floor.

Throw clothes all over the floor, in search for socks. Don't clean up the mess. Gotta get out the door.

No time to make beds today. Leave them as they are. (Truth be told, the beds, in this house, only get made about 50% of the time, anyway.)

It is definitely a Crocs day (even though it is rainy and wet). Need fast, slip-on shoes to save time.

I brushed the kids hair while they were eating breakfast. Not the best hairdos, but I NEVER get their hair looking perfect, anyway. I am the dad, NOT the mom.

Today I was very glad for my buzzed hair cut. Save time. Save time.

Had to bypass the toothbrushes, Orabrushes, mouthwash and lip balm today. No time. (Hope I don't have to actually talk to anyone. That could be bad...bad breath, that is.)

It's a good thing I only live three doors down from the chapel. We made it there only a minute late. They had just started the announcements.

When we got home, we found a lot of things left undone. All the lights in the house were on.

We left the milk out.

Poor Emma was left in her crate for much longer than normal - I forgot all about her.

I found this note, from my wife saying McCann wanted hot chocolate and mashed potatoes for breakfast. Too late. (Hot chocolate and Mashed potatoes? Weird kid.) It's Fauneil's turn to work at the hospital today, and that is why she is not with us. Well, that was quite an adventure. And getting three kids ready and to church in 16 minutes - what a feat. I must be Super Dad...actually, Super Dad would have gotten up on time. Scratch that thought.


3 thoughts on “Opps. I Woke Up Only 15 Minutes Before Church Started. (The Mad Dash To Get To Church, On Time)

  1. LOL…….oh, that brings back memories….’cept we would have arrived 1 minute BEFORE church started, because back then, blogs hadn’t been invented. 😉

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