Game Time

I went to a football game, last night. I'm not really much of a sports fan, but I went to hang out with my family. (In this photo: Me. It was a cold night, but I was quite warm in my thick coat.)

When other guys talk to me about sports, about 35% of the conversation goes right over my head. (In this photo: My ticket. My brother scored us some seats only five rows up, above the 30 yard line. Sweet!)

So, If another guy talks sports to me, I just nod and pretend I know what they are saying. (In this photo: Our view. Check out how close we were.)

A friend may quote a player's stats and make a related comment. I just nod my head and nobody notices my ignorance. (In this photo: My dad. Gloves really muffled the clapping last night.)

Or someone may say something like, "What do you think about so-in-so's injury?" In a situation like that, I say, "That sucks." and give a sad face. Or, I may do the opposite and say, "Good! I hate that team." In my head, though, I'm usually thinking "So-and-so who?" (In this photo: my son Brandon, a HUGE football fan, and my brother Tam. The best part about going to a game is being with family.)

I really like the environment at a game. The cheering, the energy. I like watching people have fun together. (In this photo: My cousin Will and his son Wei. Yes, he really is my cousin, even though he is a white boy with red hair, and yes, his son is Taiwanese. I'll have to explain some other time.)

Sometimes, I feel awkward not being a sports fan. It seems to be a requirement of hetero-sexual males. Maybe I'm just abnormal. (In this photo: this is my brother Tam again. He is always the life of the party. There is nobody better to go to a game with. He engages everyone around him - even complete strangers. )


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