How I Use Ice Cream To Solve My Problems


This is my five-year old son, McCann. He very cute, but he is also VERY picky. This picky trait of his drives me crazy.

Today he was extra picky. For example, at lunch, he said his orange slices tasted funny, so he wouldn't eat them.

His egg was too salty, so I had to make him a new one. (Are you kidding me? Look how perfect that egg looks.)

The blanket on his fort was not even enough. He wanted the whole thing to be the same distance from the floor (like that is even possible). These were only a few of the picky things he was tormenting me with today.

Needless to say, after some time, I was ready to scream...I wanted to kill him. But, just before I committed that unpardonable sin...

I took him out for ice cream. This calmed me down and made him happy...and less picky.

(He got a brain freeze.)

Once we got home, he started on his homework and things were a lot better. Sometimes a little ice cream can do good.


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