The Purcells Have An Epidemic


About a month ago, I did a post about McCann being sick. He has been sick a few times since then and is sick today.

Fauneil has been sick all day with the same symptoms. We wondered if McCann has been sick with strep, this whole time, and passed it on to her.

I took Fauneil and McCann to the doctor's, to test for strep.

McCann HATES to have his throat swabbed. It took four nurses and one doctor, last time he had this procedure done. This time Fauneil had the bright idea of promising him ice cream, if he did well. I made him that promise, held him in my arms, had him close his eyes and open his mouth. We got it done with just the doctor and me.

We stopped, at the Creamery, for ice cream, after the doctor's appointment. I got Graham Canyon on a cone and McCann got Mint Chocolate Chip in a bowl.

On the way home, we picked up his antibiotic at the pharmacy.

While we were waiting for it to be filled, McCann tried on a bunch of glasses and...

played on the toy isle. After we left, I realized what a bad idea that was. He infected the toys and glasses. I bet 100 kids get sick, because he played with those. Oops.

When we got home, I wasn't feeling so well, myself. I think I caught the bug. Dang it! I downed some Advil and...

started cleaning the house like crazy...before the symptoms got worse.

I also cooked dinner, as fast as I could. I got pretty grouchy as the night went on. I felt sorry for my family. I was not nice.

In order to prevent the spread of disease, we stole some masks from the hospital.

And, Lily was a hand sanitizing maniac. Aren't we pathetic? I guess this is what happens when both parents work at the hospital. Germaphobes.

Speaking of germaphobes, I was in the bathroom looking at these toothbrushes and Orabrushes thinking, "There are a million germs on those, and I am sticking my tooth brush with them?" I took mine out.

Oh crap! I meant to give McCann his antibiotic at 7:30, and it is now after 8:30.

I quickly gave him his medicine and...

we gave him "a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down."

Tonight, McCann is sleeping in this tent he made in the living room and I...

am sleeping near him on the couch. Good night.


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