What I Love About Fall


This is my favorite time of year - Halloween to New Years Day. I love fall.

This dande lion, gone to seed, has been hanging on all fall. It's made it through a snow storm and several rain showers.

Guess I better put this lawn mower away, huh?

These red berries come out every fall. Beautiful.

They make a great decorating piece (just make sure the kids don't eat them).

I'm weird, I know, but I love looking at my wood pile in the fall. I guess it makes me excited for a nice warm fire on a chilly day.

The herb garden is peppered with leaves.

More leaves.

And even more leaves.

I love the look of pumpkins on the porch.

Check out the color of this leaf. Love it.

These pods are left on the tree every fall...

These, also, make a great decorating piece.

We display our Indian corn this time of year...mixed with football gloves. We must have children.

Fall time is trim time. Need to cut back our ivy.

Here is the wreath my wife made for our front door.

The downside of fall: leaves get tracked into the house. Blah!


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