My Wife Fails Her Oreo Challenge, So I Have To Show-Her-Up (Or Throw Up, Which Ever Comes First)

Remember my post about my wife's Oreo Challenge. I ate a whole box of doughnuts, and she said the following on Facebook...

Then, I challenged her to eat a whole package of Oreos in 24 hours. Well, she failed...twice, so I decided to show-her-up by taking on an Oreo challenge myself. Here we go.

My Oreo Challenge started at 7:36 AM. I gave my wife 24 hours for her challenge, but I upped the ante, and decided to complete my challenge in only 6 hours.

And, I decided to eat NOT a regular pack of Oreos, but a family size pack (like when I challenged her the second time).

I also knew there was no way I was going to eat a whole box of Oreos with out the kids noticing, so I bought them their own package. That way I could avoid cheating.

I started the morning off with an Oreo protein shake. Mmmm!

Then I had another Oreo shake with my breakfast. Off to a good start. it's only 8:52 AM and I have eaten two of the five sleeves of Oreos. Yes!

Later that morning, I took Emma into the mountains. Here I am eating another sleeve of Oreos while Emma...

played in the river.

SIDE NOTE: Avoid these sticker bushes. They are not fun. I promise.

ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: Looks like someone forgot their socks.

ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: What kind of idiot leaves their trash out here. I threw it in my van and hauled it out.

I got lax and realized at 1:11 PM that I hadn't done anything about the last two sleeves of Oreos. I had to work fast. I only had 25 minutes left.

I had to take things seriously, now. I started drinking whole blenders-full of Oreo shakes.

This is me drinking the last glass of the Oreo shakes. (Man I feel like I'm gonna hurl.)

All done at 1:26 PM. Ten whole minutes early...but wait...

At 4:30 PM, I was washing the dishes and found...

a half sleeve of Oreos that was hidden between the sugar and salt canisters. Ahhhhh! I was foiled by eight hidden Oreos. I went most of the day feeling like I needed to puke and all for nothing. I want to scream! And there is no way I'm going to do that again. So I guess I lose. Blah!


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