Fauneil and I Forget That Mr. F Is Coming To Visit McCann’s Kindergarten Class


Mr. F is visiting McCann's kindergarten class. In order to welcome him, today is Funny Feet Day. The kids are supposed to wear funny socks...oops! Fauneil and I forgot, so we were scrambling around last minute.

We tried to convince McCann to wear these colorful socks of Fauneil's (they would be way too big). He, of course, said no.

Instead, he wanted to decorate his Halloween socks. Here he is drawing on them with marker.

Then, I sewed buttons on for eyes. (I found this very hard to do, because I could not turn the needle around inside the sock. Then, I realized all I had to do was pinch a small bunch of material on the outside and sew it on that way. I can be taught.)

Here they are on his feet, and they look very lame. My buttons are way on the sides of his feet, and you can't really see his marker-work. I was confirmed that our work was shoddy when...

I saw his classmate's socks with the works - including tongues that suck out at the end. Oh well. I can't win them all.

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