Unique Stocking Stuffers For the Outdoorsman (Idea From UniqueStockingStuffers.net)

Here are some stocking suffer ideas for your outdoorsman.

Waterproof, Submersible Smartphone Case. $15 at REI.com

Click here:  Waterproof

reTrace GPS. Prevents you from getting lost. $59.95 at rei.com.

Click here: GPS

Hand warmers. $4.25 at REI.com

Click here: Warmers

Solar key chain flashlight. $6 at REI.com

Click here: Solar

Hand-Crank Cell Phone Charger/Flashlight. $18 at REI.com

Click here: Charger

Bushman Survival Knife. Can be used as a machete to clear brush and build structures or as a spear by putting it on the end of a makeshift pole. $29.99 at Cabelas.com

Click here: Survival

Handheld Weather Alert Radio

Click here: Radio


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