Cherry Lane Writes Letters To Santa


The other night we went to Riverwoods mall and noticed they had a mailbox to deliver letters to Santa. Today we wrote letters to him and here is what the kids said:

"Dear Santa, What I want is a snow cone machine and a toy. Love, Lily."

"Dear Santa, Surprise me. Love, McCann." (The kid cracks me up.)

Once the kids wrote their letters, we went to Riverwoods.

We looked at beautiful Christmas decorations...

HUGE gingerbread houses...

and awesome water fountains (with fire on top).

We finally arrived at the mail box and put our letters into it.

On the way out, Lily licked this BIG candy cane.

Next, we ate at Panda Express...

did some Christmas shopping at Target....

and stopped by Grandma's to help her decorate her tree. It was a fun day. Can't wait to do it again next year.


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