KIDTASTIC: Crayola Stained Glass (Idea From




Wax paper cut into squares

Old paring knife

Two old towels


I got an idea from that I love. We have a HUGE bucket of crayons that we will never use up...until now. We are making Crayola stained glass.

We took all the broken crayons out of the bucket.

Peeled off the paper.

NOTE: I found it easier to remove the paper after I made a slit down the side with a paring knife. (Make sure you do this, not the kids, of course.)

Once we were done peeling off the paper, we threw all the crayons into a bowl.

Then, we tried grating the crayons, but that was too hard and too dangerous.

So, we chopped the crayons up with a knife. (Again, I, as the parent, did this; not the kids.)

We chopped up many colors...

and put them into piles.

My kids put their favorite colors on sheets of wax paper that we cut out earlier.

Here is a close up.

Now, place the wax paper (with crayon bits) on an old towel and put another piece of wax paper on top of that.

Place another old towel on top of that and iron until the crayons are all melted between the wax paper sheets.

It will look like this. You can cut it into whatever shape you desire.

Into a square, like McCann did...

or into an odd shape, like I did.

We punched holes in them, so we could hang them from string in front of our windows.

We also put one in a frame (leaving the back off) and put a light behind it. The ideas are endless. Thanks for this great Crayola stained glass idea.


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