Secret Revealed: William-Sonoma’s Peppermint Bark Recipe


I've cracked the code to William-Sonoma's Peppermint Bark Recipe.

I hate to say it, but it's true. This recipe is not quite as good as Williams-Sonoma's. But it is VERY passable. I would buy their stuff, but I don't feel like spending $2000.00 on my neighbors.


2-12 oz. bags semisweet chocolate chips

2-12 oz. bags white chocolate chips

6 candy canes


Parchment paper

Large ziplock bag

Glass or mallet (to crush candy canes)

Double broiler or a medium sized glass bowl that fits on a medium pot

Rubber spatula

Large cookie sheet



Medium heat on a stove

Line a large cookie sheet with parchment or wax paper and set it aside.

Put 6 candy canes in a large ziplock bag. Crush them with the bottom of a glass or with a mallet (something hard).

Lick the candy cane dust off the counter and set aside the crushed candy canes.

I like to shave blocks of semi-sweet baking chocolate, but to keep things simple for you...

I am using two 16 oz. bags of semisweet chocolate chips. (NOTE: If you use chocolate chips vs. baking chocolate, make sure to use a nicer brand like Ghirardelli.

Melt chocolate in a glass bowl that is placed over a pot of boiling water (over medium heat). You can also use a double broiler, if you have one.

Spread the chocolate on the parchment paper. Let it harden. (I put mine in the freezer to speed up the process.)

Lick the rubber spatula and wash the bowl.

Now melt two 16 oz. bags of white chocolate over medium heat.

Spread it on top of the hardened semisweet chocolate then quickly...

sprinkle the crushed candy canes on top.

You now have a field of peppermint. Let it harden.

Chop the bark into odd-shaped pieces.

Now you have the perfect peppermint bark recipe.


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