Fauneil and I Brave the Crowds And Knock Out the Bulk Of Our Christmas Shopping


Grandma and Grandpa offered to babysit the kids, so we could go Christmas shopping. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

When we got out on the battle field, things weren't looking good. It is always a bad sign when there are only three shopping carts left. There was chaos at Target today.

As bad as the chaos was at Target, it was a bazillion times worse at Costco. Are we stupid for shopping at Costco on a Saturday. (Apparently, we are.)

We found some interesting items while out and about - like these drinking straw eye glasses. Very strange.

And what's up with selling bikinis in December? We don't live in Hawaii, you know. I think someone needs to alert the Target managment.

We did see some cool things though - like these killer dressing room doors at the mall (Urban Outfitters)...

and this guy, at the mall, with his cool hairdo. Way cool!

Since we spent 6 hours shopping, it was imperative that we stop and get something to eat. Very important. We ate at Five Guys Burger and Fries. I LOVE that place, but their prices is a little steep. Okay, they're actually WAY steep. I can get a whole meal at other fast food joints for what they charge for just a burger. They do give away free peanuts, though. Maybe that's why they have jacked prices. I might just have to settle for In N Out next time. I can't stomach the investment. Love their food, though.

Speaking of eating (or chewing, rather) we bought Emma some dog chew toys for her stocking. This rubber bone is supposed to taste like chicken. Just tastes like rubber to me, though.

When we got home, we hid all the Christmas gifts in our food storage room. Can you see them? Of course not. We've hidden them all. (NOTE: to my oldest son Brandon: When you are done reading this post, don't think you can find your Christmas gifts in there. We've hidden yours somewhere else.) Well, we got most of our Christmas shopping done. Horray!


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