I Steal A Snowflake For Mindy Gledhill’s Winter Moon Concert Tour


This is my neighbor Mindy Gledhill. She is an up-and-coming vocal artist.

See MindyGledhill.com to learn more about her and to hear her music.

Mindy wanted snowflakes to decorate her stage. This makes sense, since her new album is called "WINTER Moon"...you know, winter and the whole snow thing. Anyway, she has seen my wife make snowflakes like the one she is holding in this picture, so she asked us to make some for her.

She wanted them to be the size of the wreath on her front door. Fauneil has never made one that big, but...

she saw some big ones decorting the copy shop at Brigham Young University, and asked me to go check them out. After some inspection, I decided I needed to steal one and take it back for her to see. I don't think any of the employees saw me yank the snowflake from the ceiling, but a customer in line gave me a very nasty look. I didn't stick around for her to drill into me. I was out the door. (Mindy's gonna kill me when she reads this. She, in no way, encouraged me to steal any snowflakes.)

I parked illegally in this "Delivery Vehicles Only" parking stall, because it was the best place for my get-away car (or get-away van in our case).

Here is the stolen plunder on my front seat as I was speeding away. Don't worry. I returned it after we were done. (SIDE NOTE: When I was returning it, my sister just happened to be at the copy shop, too, and walked up to say hi. I thought, "Great! I'm returning stolen loot and my sister comes strolling up to greet me. I don't think she noticed my crime, though.)

I took the snow flake over to Mindy's door and compared it to the size of her wreath. Almost perfect.

I measured it,

inspected its construction,

and inspected its construction some more. Once I had it figured out...

Lily and I went to Kinkos to buy our paper and have it cut to the right size. The copy shop at the university is way closer, but I was afraid they might recognize me as the snowflake thief.

Here is how you make the snowflake. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it in half diagonally.

Fold it in half diagonally again.

Draw lines across it like this to guide your cutting.

Then cut them, but not all the way through. You want to stop when you have about a 1/4 inch left to go.

Also, cut from the end that is folded, not the side that opens up.

It will look like this.

Open it up.

Roll up the inner part and tape it together like this to make a tube.

Now, flip it over and tape the next section like this.

Flip it over again, and do the next section just like the previous one.

When you are done, it will look like this.

Put three of them together (facing the same direction) and staple it like shown in this photo. Now put together another set of three.

Staple the two sets together (the stapled ends).

Staple each section to each other.

Now you have a beautiful snowflake.

Thanks, Mindy, for letting us make your snowflakes. I hope they look fabulous on your stage this week.


UPDATE: Here are some photos of the snowflakes on stage.




6 thoughts on “I Steal A Snowflake For Mindy Gledhill’s Winter Moon Concert Tour

  1. I absolutely love this story Faun! You have such a fun family! I am looking forward to sharing this with my kids after they are finished school and my husband when he gets home from work. Best of all it makes a great art project for later today or tomorrow. And, what I enjoyed the most in this story, the fact that your husband returned the snow flake, now that’s just awesome. I would have loved to hear the explanation behind it, or how he actually returned it.

    • Liz, The best story is no story, and that is exactly what I did. I walked up, and said, “Here is your snowflake”, then walked away.

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