Running Errands Has Never Been So Fun


For the past three days, Fauneil and I have intended to complete our to-do list, but ultimately haven't gotten around to it. Too much to do around the house. So, this morning I woke up early (when my family was still asleep) and...

cleaned the living room...

and the kitchen...

and the bathroom...

folded the laundry...

I even cleaned out the fireplace (I got three bags of ashes. Guess that's what happens when we burn all our gift wrap on Christmas morning.)

My family finally made it out of bed at about 8:30.

We had a breakfast of French toast and then headed out the door.

First stop: my sister Gina's. I had to make arrangements for her photo shoot. I'm the photographer for her wedding and engagement photos.

Next stop: the post office. We mailed a letter to Grandma and Grandpa Gleason in Montana.

We stopped at Sears, but they didn't have what we were looking for, so we...

looked at their Christmas decorations.

(Check out this ugly Santa pig.)

The kids wanted to ride the we did.

Next stop: Home Depot. McCann loves to ride in their kid-friendly carts.

We bought motion sensor light switches. I am sick of my kids not turning off the lights when they are done in a room. This will turn it off automatically for them. Time to save electricity and money.

Yikes! The candy bars at Home Depot are $1.08...for the small ones.

We made a pit stop at my cousin Taau's Polynesian store to buy some Hawaiian Sun passion fruit drinks. Yum.

Then we delivered some stuff to Grandma Purcell and we were off to...

IKEA. My sister-in-law, Heather, took her girls there yesterday. I thought, "I want to go there too." So we did. Only problem was...

I didn't know it was Kids Eat Free week at IKEA. Good to get free food, but bad...

to stand in line. The food court line was four times longer than normal.

McCann volunteered to push our trays. The tricky part was keeping him from running into other people.

(Pretty sure this is not a Chocolate Overload Cake.)

We finally sat down to eat. I told Lily I was going to eat her chocolate cake and...

she immediately got defensive.

We took the kiddos to the IKEA babysitting playland for kids, but they were full, full, full and the waiting list was 2 hours out. (Of course. It was a Kids Eat Free day.)

So, we got our cart and started shopping.

Fauneil got cozy in their displays.

In fact, she took a nap with McCann.

Lily got tired, so I pushed her in the cart. (Am I the only one that hates their shopping carts? Why do all four wheels piviot? It makes it VERY hard to maneuver them. The person that came up with that idea needs to be shot.)

(I think a letter must have fallen off the wall.)

McCann took one of their paper measuring tapes and was measuring EVERYTHING.

SIDE NOTE: I have always wanted to steal one of their display books (to be a rebel) but they are in Swedish, so what good would it do me?

Fauneil gave McCann a ride on this dolly.

Then McCann gave a ride to this stuffed toy strawberry.

Then to this stuffed toy asparagus.

When Fauneil saw this display of legs, she hiked up her skirt and showed me her legs.

McCann saw this boy hiding in a closet and...

decided to do the same.

While we were standing in line, McCann drew on the box. Good thing we were buying it.

Of course McCann had to scan our items at the checkout stand.

We bought Swedish fish because IKEA is based in Sweden, but we found out that Swedish fish are made in Canada. What a rip-off!

You would think that would be enough of a day, but noooo. We still had a few places to go. Next stop: Target.

While there, we ran into our very good friend Amy. She now lives in Houston, so we were surprised to see her. She's just visiting for the holidays.

Last stop, The Shops At Riverwoods.

They still have their Christmas lights up. Beautiful.

We had three stores to visit. First, Gymboree to buy Lily some much needed winter clothes. They are having a great sale, so we got some pretty good deals.

Next , we went to Williams-Sonoma and took advantage of their Post-Christmas deals. They have some great sales, right now, if you are a foodie like me.

Finally, we stopped at Ike's Cream.

I love their old Fashioned uniforms and...

their retro diner style seating...

and their old-time Coke machine.

I like that they use real glass dishes and those long spoons.

Their ice cream is fantastic too.

Most of all, I love their signage.

We didn't have time to ride their carousel, but...

on the way out we stopped and watched the wave riders and...

rode a wave of our own.

Ha ha!

Scary fish.

When we finally got home (at 6:00 that night), we ate leftovers for dinner and...

watched a movie and munched on popcorn. What a day!


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