Do I Smack-Down Terri In My Hospital’s “Biggest Loser” Contest, Or Do I Walk Away, Now That I Have Reached My Weight Goal?


Me after I weighed myself today. 185 lbs baby! Ten pounds gone in less than 4 days. Yahoooo!

Every year, at the hospital where I work, the Oncology Unit hosts a “Biggest Loser” contest in January. I had gained 10 pounds over the “junk-food” holidays and decided to join as a motivation to get that extra fat off. Well, it’s only day four, and I have reached my goal. My plan was to walk away from the contest happy and healthy once I reached my intended weight, BUT on the weigh-in day,  Terri, a nurse, was smart-talking everyone (of course, she won last year, so maybe she has the right). Anyway, her sassy words have been playing in my head over and over this week. I love Terri to death, but  I think it is time for a smack-down.

To guarantee a win, I will have to lose about 45 pounds. From my starting weight of 195 that will take me down to 150.   This thought doesn’t make me happy. I like my weight where it is now. I think it will be a little unhealthy to go down that far, plus it will bring back bad memories of my skinny, wimpy days in high school. Actually, wait. I better check on the healthy part of that comment…I’m back. The ideal weight for my height and age is around 155, so I’m doing this!  You hear me Terri? I’m coming after you, so you better get your A-game on. Whoot, Whoot!


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