Brandon Goes Strictly Ballroom

My son Brandon made it onto his school competition dance team. (He is on the left with his partner Aspen.) Today was his first DanceSport competition. 

The kids come dressed in their finest...

couples are assigned a number…

and they dance.

Brandon's number was 704.

The couples ranged from young kids...

to teenagers…

to college age competitors.

It was fun watching Brandon dance. Here are some photos.

6 thoughts on “Brandon Goes Strictly Ballroom

    • Yeah, well, Brandon wasn’t too clear on this himself. He told us it was no big deal, that parents wouldn’t be there, that it would be a “couple of hours.” Hah! We went to find him after he’d been gone for over 3 hours and discovered that it was a HUGE deal! Dancers and parents everywhere, $5 admission, lasted literally ALL DAY and the entire evening/night before.

      We’ll let you know the next time something like this happens, now that we know what to expect.

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